Young mother gored

A couple of days ago a young mother, her baby just a month and a half old was bored in the stomach by a buffalo while gathering firewood. She lives in the same area, Lolmunyi, as the man kicked by the donkey that I wrote about in my recent blog. This is a very unusual event because in Maasai country a new mother does not normally do any work for at least three months after giving birth.

Maasai women are constantly on the go, drawing and carrying water, cutting and gathering firewood, caring for the young cattle, sheep and goats, repaired her cow dung house and cooking the evening meal. A big part of her life also revolves around finding something to cook for that evening meal of corn porridge or wild spinach.

This young woman’s family lacks anyone to help her so she had to go for firewood and water. Thus, she she had the bad luck of meeting a Buffalo and was gored in the stomach. She is in the hospital at Karatu some two and a half hours drive from Olbalbal. She is slowly recovering there. Her mother passed by the mission this morning looking for help so that she could travel to the hospital in Karatu and be with her daughter.

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