Yohana Breaks His Arm

We had the installation of our new bishop last Sunday. I did not attend because I received a phone call that one of my students, a senior in high school, broke his arm while playing football. I went to the school about a half hour from Arusha and picked him up early Sunday morning. I was at the hospital with him till the evening. It was a very bad break in two places and he has been in the hospital all week with surgery on Tuesday. Fr. Joe Herzstein and I drove back to Ngorongoro on Monday and I sent Lenkangu, a teacher, into Arusha to be with Yohana, the injured boy. He is returning to Olbalbal today by bus with Yohana. I guess the only good thing to come out of the Arusha trip was that I missed the installation ceremonies. It lasted eight hours with the of liturgy and speeches. President Magufuli gave the new bishop a gift of two cows.

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