Week on Kilimanjaro

This week Tanzanian Spiritans are here at Maua, the Capachin Sisters House, high on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a time to take stock both personally as Spiritan family. Tony Gittins, who teaches mission studies and Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, is giving us two talks a day and the rest of the time is for good food, good talk and hopefully some fruitful reflection. For many years now, the snow grows less on the peak of Kilimanjaro. Years ago it hid the rocky summit and now is reduced to some anemic fingers of the white stuff. Some experts tell us that it will be totally gone by 2020.



7 thoughts on “Week on Kilimanjaro”

  1. Steve, I was trying to play with the the images so that at least the one with the flowers would appear at the beginning of the blog. Can’t seem to do that. Can you help?

  2. Thanks Steve. I didn’t have a problem putting a thumbnail at the beginning. I was trying to put a larger image at the beginning and couldn’t figure out a way to do that. I guess I have to be satisfied with putting a thumbnail up and then putting larger pictures to be seen when people click: “read further.” Thanks for your help.

  3. Beautiful pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro. I hope you are enjoying your fellowship together with the Capachin Sisters and Father Tony Gittins. I found an interesting lecture Father Tony Gittins gave about “Culture” through ustream.tv – he brings to light interesting points and I look forward to listening to him and learning.

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