Web site problems

There have been a lot of strange things going on with this web site in recent days and weeks. Many blogs have been posted that have not come from me. Also it seems that a couple of hundred people have also somehow gotten my password and the ability to change things on the web site. My nephew Steve, although super busy with work and family has sorted these things out. I am now feeling confident enough to begin blogging again. Many thanks Steve. You’re amazing.

Here at Olbalbal the rainy season has come to an end. Following the drought of last year, the rains have been good in many parts of Tanzania so there should be a good harvest. People are still hungry and the price of corn has tripled in the last year. If the expected and hoped for harvest becomes a reality, the availability of corn will improve come July. The price hopefully will come down too. It has been a brutal time for the Maasai who depend on corn as their staple food. Very few people have sufficient cattle to provide much milk.

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