Village of the Meat

The ceremony that took place here at Olbalbal is called “Enkang oo-Kirin, The village of the meat. The Enkang oo-nkiri enables a warrior to eat by themselves food prepared by women. During this ritual a special bull is chose to be slaughtered and eaten by the warriors. Wives must also prove that they have stayed faithful to their husband by taking part in the bull’s skin ritual. Men wrestle with each other approaching the bull’s skin that is laid out on the ground to reveal whether their wife has or hasn’t obeyed their marriage customs. To remain faithful in the Maasai culture women are only permitted to have affairs with men inside their husband’s age set. If a woman is found guilty, her husband as well as his entire age set will no longer respect her. A female cow is brought to her husband as repentance gift in hopes to apologize. To conclude the ceremony all members of the tribe, male and female, fight each other for the meat. 

During the early morning of the initiation, each warrior sits in a chair as

New elder is fed meat
A new elder is blessed
New elder and wives
A new elder and his wife
The mother of one of the new elders
The sacred ox is fed honey beer and blessed

Hi oldest wife shaves them. After the ceremony is completed a warrior is now allowed to break away from his fathers homestead and start his own. He is now considered an elder and takes on full responsibility for his own family. Even though he is now able to live entirely on his own, a warrior in this position would still rely on his father for advice until he reaches about the age of thirty-five.

Although all these rituals and ceremonies are a vital part of the Maasai culture, some of these traditions have started to disengage. Many western cultures have started invading these Maasai tribes and forcing their cultural ideas upon them. Because of this invasion it is a lot harder for these people to practice their older way. The Maasai people have been very reluctant to adopt western ideas and remain in touch with their ceremonial rituals as much as possible.


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