Triplets were born earlier this afternoon to a young woman in a nearby maasai encampment. Details are sparse so far and we are all waiting to hear if the infants survived and any other news of the family. Day 2 – This is an occurrence that is almost unheard of in Maasai county. People say that it happened before but a long time ago, It is now one day after the birth of the three children and they are all still alive. Yesterday I took some gifts of cooking oil, sugar and tea to the new mother whose home is in the nearby village. The mother and three children are doing well so far. Day 3 – The triplets are still surviving and so far are healthy and have shown know signs of illness. The mother though is very weak. She is needing support to get up off the bed. I guess it will take a while for her to recover from her ordeal. I met the father today, and older warrior. He seems bewildered and proud at the same time, acting a little like he had done it all by himself. The triplets are all girls and I’m told that they are identical.

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