Soccer Woes

Some Team Members

Our village football team won the match against Loongoku three weeks ago Sunday in a penalty shoot out. Our rival, Loongoku, is a Maasai village a half hour away by car. Everyone here has been looking forward to the match that took place a couple of days ago, hoping for an outright victory. Both teams wanted to win on goals instead of on penalty shoot out points that won us the game a few weeks ago.

Tuke, A Team Member
Lenkangu, School Teacher and Team Manager

In preparation for the match. the two teams collected money, each player contributing the equivalent of a dollar and a half. With the collected funds, they bought a goat and two cases of soda. The winning team was to get the goat and a case of soda, the losers a case of soda.

The opposing team from Loongoku hired a land rover pick up truck for the half hour trip to Meshili, our village here at Olbalbal.img_1154

Now the game has taken place and the result was tie score, 2-2. There was a major quarrel among the players toward the end of the game, something having to do with two soccer balls that were evidently in play at the same time. Anyway, neither team won the goat. That is to be the trophy at a future game. The soda was divided up and enjoyed by both teams. Having the soda together evidently went a long way toward healing the rift between the two teams.

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