Small Boy Lost and Alone

At dawn this morning the cries of the women could be heard lamenting the loss of a herds boy six year old. During the night a small child was taken and eaten by a leopard.

At various times during the year warriors take the bulk of the cattle to places where there is better grazing. Here at Olbalbal, while there is still plenty of standing water, the rains have slackened and the grass is short. ­Nearby villages have joined together in sending cattle off with a band of warriors. They drove the cattle some twenty miles distant to take advantage of some good grazing. As is normal, the young men took some small children with them to herd the calves near their temporary makeshift “boma.”

Yesterday evening, on the return of the calves to the encampment, one small boy was missing. The warriors lost no time back tracking the herd of calves and then followed the meandering tracks of the lost boy. They found what was left of him in the branches of an Acacia tree, clearly the work of a leopard. The boy had somehow become separated from his companions and the calves. Lost and alone, he was easy prey for the leopard. At dawn this morning news reached the home villages at Olbalbal.

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  1. Thanks for your response Sara. Kids take responsibility early in Maasai country. The girls, little more than infants themselves are left with small children whiles mothers go for water and to cut firewood. Small boys and girls herd the small sheep, goats, and calves near the village. And sometimes things go wrong.

  2. Not often, but at the same time, too often. Houses catch fire when a child tries to warm up food at the open fire inside a house., Pots of boiling water or hot porridge can tip over when little girls try to feed their little brothers or sisters and mom is off somewhere.

  3. How sad Ned. I’m so sorry…the family must be devastated. Please send my condolences to his family and friends.  .  

  4. How sad Ned. I’m so sorry…the family must be devastated. Please send my condolences to his family and friends.  .  

  5. I am sorry for the loss of this young boy. I saw many wild cats when I was there. I was not afraid. I should have been. Life is so different in your world. My prayers go out to the boy and his family. I am also praying for the safety of the other children watching the cattle.

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