September 6, 1970

Dear Mom and Dad,

We are in the middle of the dry season again so the people have no milk and are dependent on the corn meal they buy to keep them going. It is either feast or famine with the Maasai.

As I’ve mentioned before, Loliondo is one of the areas the white hunters like to come with their clients. Except for elephant and Kudu, Loliondo has the trophy animals in abundance. Bing Crosby was here hunting a couple of weeks ago with some friends; he came to Mass here at the mission on Sunday. These hunting expeditions go all out; each client tent has a commode and a shower. Except for the animal sounds at night, they live about the same out here as they would at home. Trucks brought in the camping equipment from Nairobi and they came in by plane. Each client had a personal servant even Mr. Crosby’s young son. I heard they killed a lion, leopard and buffalo.

The work is going well, but it is more and more difficult to keep up with it. There are ten bomas baptized now and these are really spread out, so to get to all of them frequently for services, really keeps me going. At the same time we continue to evangelize others and these have to be gotten to also. It’s a challenging and satisfying thing to be doing; I’m lucky to be a part of it.



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