September 20, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m sitting at the table in the new house writing this letter. We moved in yesterday. I didn’t realize it would be so warm. At first we were going to use just metal sheeting but Brother Francis got the idea of putting ceiling as a lining throughout. Together they provide a good deal of insulation. It’s a simple long 25’ by 10’ rectangular room. For cooking, we inherited an old stove used by the hospital. Had to install a stove pipe to the outdoors. It is reminiscent of the old pot-belly stoves but not anywhere near as sophisticated. The door can be left open and it’s almost like having a fireplace, which is great in the evenings.

The difficulty is water, which is the universal difficulty in Maasai land. There is a well that was installed by the colonial government. The water is very good. It is 8 miles away but with the car and containers, this doesn’t present too much of a problem.



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