September 14, 1975

Dear Mom,

….. Well, I’ve been here in Ethiopia over two weeks now and a lot has happened. The first couple of days, I was down in Yabello. There has been quite a lot of progress since I left in early June. The school is almost finished with only the doors and windows together with small odds and ends left to be done. The house also is quite far along. They will begin to put in the electric wiring next week. When I was there the outside painting was being done and the septic tank was just being finished off. The house is going to be quite a step up from Kijungu. We’ll have inside plumbing and electric lights for a few hours each day. I had a chance this trip to visit the town of Yabello, which is about thirteen miles from us. It’s about the same size as Kijungu and perhaps the most striking thing about the place is to see camels which are used here for carrying things as commonly as donkeys do among the Maasai in Tanzania.

I did start school on the first of September and because of the study I did during the summer, did not find myself behind at all. I was two weeks late, but there were others also who did not arrive on time. The school is run by the Protestant mission societies and most of the students are Pastors and their wives, a very friendly group of people.

I bought a 100cc Suzuki trail bike for transportation around town and to and from school every day. We are about five miles from the school. I will be here by myself most of the time since the other two and both cars will be occupied with the building program and with starting the school. When the house in Yabello is finished we’ll move down there and I will live in one of the missionary center houses here in Addis until the end of language school……….



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