September 13, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

We did a lot of digging and leveling at the site for the house. We’re putting it some way up the side of a hill so that it won’t be flooded during the rains. One of the interesting things about this country is right now driving through Massai land you would come to the conclusion it has never rained a drop here. It is truly semi-desert. Very little milk is to be had and the cows must go long distances every two or three days to climb at the fast receding water holes. On the other hand during the rains, most of Massai land becomes a sea of mud and even a safari of 10 miles is a tremendous ordeal. Hence we are putting the house on the side of the hill.

This week I had a semi-skilled man come out from Loliondo and lay the cement tiles on the floor. There will be no foundation. It’s now finished and we hope to bring the house out on Monday and set it up. By the end of next year we will be ready to move somewhere else.

The teacher I live with is coming along much better than I dared hope. He goes by himself about half the time now. I’ve taught him to drive the pick-up, so he goes off by himself to teach and hold services among the Christian communities.



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