September 1, 1976

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the package with the viewmaster pictures and flashlight. As did the Maasai, the Borona got a big kick out of the pictures. One of the Dutchmen is off to Addis to order school materials and that is the opportunity for this letter.

I have a tent set up in one of the villages and am spending about half the time there. Being nomads, most of the time there are no Borona right here where the school is. So as it was in Tanzania, we have to go out to them.

The Borona use much more food from the outside than do the Maasai. For example, they use a lot of coffee, but it is not ground. The whole beans are roasted in butter shells and all, then a little milk is added to this and the whole concoction in ready for eating and drinking. One sips the milk and butter and chews the coffee beans floating in it. I’ve come to like it very much.

The languages, both of them, are coming along slowly, slowly. Borona is easier than Amharic, but it’s still fairly formidable. I’m using all the things you bought me, all the time. The sleeping bag, canteen, space blankets (a perfect sun shade over the tent) and the buck knife which comes in handy all the time.

Here at the center, we have a good garden started – Vince and I are involved in this project. I planted a seed bed early in June and now many of the plants are almost ready for use – we’ll be eating lettuce in a week or two.

Have your plans for coming out become more definite? ….



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