Scary Night

A roaring lion kept us awake all night. Last night there was a very noisy lion in the ravine next to the mission. If he was looking for dinner in the form of a cow from a neighboring boma, he wasn’t going to be successful after alerting the whole neighborhood with his booming voice. Why do lions roar all night? I sure would appreciate an answer to that question. A couple of years ago, My cousin Art and I were sleeping in a tent at Terengire lodge. About one in the morning, a lion began to roar close by and kept it up for about half an hour then went silent. On that occasion, I guess the lion found what he was looking for. Happily, it wasn’t Art and I.

2 thoughts on “Scary Night”

  1. Myself being a cat lover, I can only imagine the splendor and majesty of a lion’s roar in the wild.  I Googled the question “Why do lions roar at night” and came up with some answers and information about lions.  Even read through Psalm 104 which makes references them.  I suppose they are roaring to mark their territory and also establish connections with other members of their pride.  

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