Sad day

There is a Spiritan cemetary here at the parish where the “Western Spiritans end up. We have a new resident in our cemetary here in Hemet. Joe’s dog died of rheumatism and old age. Turk was friendly and smelly and Joe doted on and took great care of his pet. When visiting here some ten years ago I put a bowl of my favorite cookies, oatmeal raisin, on the night stand. On one of his regular snak hunts around the house Turk found and enjoyed my cookies. Joe rushed him to the vet hospital where Turk underwent a two night stay together with complicated and very expensive medical procedures to the tune of two or three thousand dollars to extricate him from my raisin delights. Turk survived and I bought more cookies that I carefully hid from Turk’s nocturnal foraging. Joe brings up Turk’s ordeal from time to time never having totally forgiven me for my part in Turk’s gastric emergency.

One thought on “Sad day”

  1. My condolences to Joe. Turk really sounds like a wonderful dog. That was one expensive late night snack. :)

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