Pump quest

During my three days away in the shopping town of Arusha, I bought a foot pump for the tires on the car. Last week, I had a tire that was going down and tried to find a pump in the village of Olbalbal. The only pump around is one owned by the police station (one policeman). He uses it to pump up the tires on his bicycle. When I attached the rubber hose to my tire, it became evident that the hose was split. I feel sure that the criminal element of Olbalbal is safe from pursuit. Anyway, with my new pump, new tire irons and patches, I feel more confident about going to the Maasai villages out on the plains.

3 thoughts on “Pump quest”

  1. Though I’ve not commented on your blog yet Ned, I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I am constantly amazed at the contrast between the American way of life where we have most anything at hand and take it all for granted, versus the lifestyle you depict on this blog and in your diaries. I appreciate the perspective you show us with these glimpses into your side of the world, it reminds us to be thankful, to question what we value in life, and to look for places to give what we have and what we can to others. Thank you, -Jude Marchessault

  2. Jude, Thanks for your comments. Yes, it sure is different here. It was great to be with your mom, dad and Sara during the summer in Vermont. We had some good sailing days. I guess you saw the pictures of your dad waterskiing. He is amazing. Best to you and your family. Again, many thanks for your comments.

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