Prayerful Women of Olbalbal

The Maasai pray at milking time. There is a song of the women that is heard often. It is a prayer in the morning and in the evening begging God to give them children and cattle. I would like to share it with you. The morning star is not prayed to, but Enkai, the multicolored one, the one of many and varied qualities.

To (EnkAi), the one of my morning star

We pray when you appear

When the moon is in your navel

Then we just pray to you

We pray to you the multicolored one

(Give) young mothers children

Of our cattle camp and that of the neighbor

The star that has come early

Which sat there in the early morning

And we women pray

To you my God who is prayed to

We pray for others

Young ones and old ones

Of cows and children

That they should have children who take loneliness far

In joy and oil

And I pray when the morning star goes down

And I pray when it has come up

One thought on “Prayerful Women of Olbalbal”

  1. Very nice, Ned.  You are capturing these fleeting thigns of this people. Thanks!  I trust this will be a book someday!

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