Please Note

Please use to write to me. The email address will cease to exist at the end of this year.

Due to my very slow internet connection here at Olbalobal, I can’t do justice to my web site and other things like Face Book. I’ve chosen to focus on the web page and leave the others till I get a better connection.

Checks sent to me for the work here at Olbabal should be made out to: “Congregation of the Holy Spirit” with a note somewhere on the check that the help is for Olbalbal Mission. The bank that the Spiritans use will not accept checks made out to an individual person. The address to send the help remains the same: Sandra Grey, 405 East St. Elmo Ave., #318, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

One thought on “Please Note”

  1. Hi Ned,

    If you need help adding blog entries, please let me know. You can just email me the text to me and I will post.

    In fact, If you prefer, I can set it up so you can just email to a specific email address and it will automatically create a blog entry/post to your site.


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