Oranges & Magufuli

Sitting here at my desk I’m enjoying an orange that I picked from a tree in our yard. Living in Southern California does have some pretty serious perks. Although now in the middle of winter we have many warm afternoons. Imagining what it would be like here, I thought we would be having hot weather all the time. That has not turned out to be true. It is often cold in the mornings and evenings these days. It is much too cold to use the swimming pool over at the parish. I hope that by late May or June I’ll be able to take a swim each day.

Orange tree in our back yard

Talked to Pat Patten, the Spiritan missionary that operates the two plane flying medical service in Maasailand Tanzania. It was during our weekly Spiritan Zoom get together where current and former Spiritans meet weekly on line. He said that the throng of thousands of people that turned out at the Dar es Salaam airport to pay their respects to John Magufuli, our Tanzanian president who died last week, turned into a riot. Massive security barriers were demolished and many people were trampled and killed, including many children. Pat commented that our insurrection of February 6th was small in comparison to the mehem that took place in Tanzania. Amazing, during his four year tenure as president he was not generally well liked; in death he has become a saint.

4 thoughts on “Oranges & Magufuli”

  1. Wow that’s very sad. Glad to hear you are liking CA. I do miss the favorable weather. That orange tree is awesome.

  2. Hi Ned, I am so late in commenting. That is so sad about all of the deaths. I do love your orange tree.

  3. Hey Ned. Can’t grow oranges hrre in Stratford upon Avon but i have an applee tree and a plum tree. You always said you would retire to the states but i never thought you would. Hope you ate in good health.

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