Olbalbal beats Endulen for Water

For the past twenty six years at Endulen, I’ve had to take the car and trailer every other day to fill plastic water containers at Endulen spring. Here at Olbalbal water is available in the front yard.

High above the village, on Ngorongoro Mountain lies the spring that provides good drinking water to the Maasai of Olbalbal. After five months here, it is evident that the spring doesn’t dry up. It provides the Maasai with enough water for drinking, cooking and washing, but not enough for the Maasai herds. The cattle sheep and goat drink at the depression forming a small lake, from which the area gets its name, Olbalbal.

The spring water flows by pipe filling a cement holding tank not far above the village. From there more pipes take the water to three water points, two in the village and one here at the mission. It is great to have a dependable water source at the front door.

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