Olbabal Village Outlaws Strong Drink

Olbalbal is a small trading center for the Maasai on the edge of the Serengeti Plains. In recent years some old men and even some young men of warrior age have begun to hang around the shops drinking and bothering people who come shopping for corn, sugar, tea, cooking oil and other household necessities. In recent months this has become quite a problem, with one young Maasai elder dying of pure alcohol overdose.  The local Maasai decided to do something about the situation. They held a series of meetings that resulted in a local ordinance forbidding drinking and the sale of any alcoholic drink locally or factory produced. The step was taken some weeks ago and since then the village leaders have been imposing very heavy fines offenders. If caught, a drinker or a seller of the stuff pays the equivalent of $75, big money here. Just yesterday, two of our government primary school teachers and a young Maasai warrior surprised as they staggered near a shop. Considering the penalty they must pay, they’ll be staggering elsewhere in the future.

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