October 17, 1971

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got back from Arusha last night. Vince stayed and will go off to Nairobi today and get his plane for Europe tomorrow. I’m sure his folks were beginning to think he wasn’t coming at all. It looks as if Adrian Hebert, one of the two who were doing studies in Canada, will be the one to come here in his place. A letter came recently to say that he’ll be out sometime next month. They’ll send word down when he gets in and I’ll go up and bring him back.

The chain links came and they’re the right size. Thanks for sending them. I bought a couple of spare spark plugs and two tubes this trip to Arusha.

I’ll celebrate the Masses you asked for. I’ve lost the letter with the information on the person who wants to help support a seminarian. Please send the information again and I’ll take care of it.

The work is coming along. I’m teaching in three areas: here in the vicinity of Kijungu, Kibaba – fifty miles to the south and Olkitikiti – twenty miles to the east. We should be having the first Baptism in the next few weeks.



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