November 27, 1976

Dear Mom,

…. Iede and Vince are off to Addis today and will be gone a couple of weeks. They will try to get tables for the kids to eat on and more bunk beds. They’ve been on order for six months but so far they aren’t ready.

We’ve had very little in the way of dry season since Jan/Feb. This is very unusual. As a result, the Borona have had milk right thru, and have not had to sell much in the way of animals to buy grain.

Sorry that you have to put the trip out here on hold. It is true that it may be safer and easier to travel some months from now. Since your time for coming is now uncertain, Vince and I have decided to go ahead with plans for a trip to Tanzania. If we can clear the government paperwork, we’ll try to go around the first of the year. I hope to do it again with you and Aunt Meg when you are able to travel here.

The language is getting better all the time. It will take a long time to become really fluent but I’m able to communicate with some ease about quite a lot of ordinary things ….


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