November 22, 1971

Dear Mom and Dad,

With so much traveling I’m finding it hard to get down to writing – the distances are greater here than they were in Loliondo. I’m using the lorry all the time now putting the like on the front and living in the trailer six days out of every seven. It’s really a great way to make safaris. If the lorry breaks down, I have enough of everything to last at least a week and the bike with me besides. I’ve got it down to a system, so everything I need is always in the trailer. I guess I’m the envy of the diocese, but I tell people that Gold Coasters settle for nothing but the best.

I’m still alone but do not mind because I’m on safari so much. Elephants are really in evidence these days because it’s so dry. They are constantly on the move searching for water as one place dries up after another. For this reason it’s just as well I’m using the big truck rather than the bike for the longer safaris.

You asked if I needed anything. I could use more Levis. The three pairs of dungarees I brought back are just about worn out and they are the best for riding the bike. Thanks, I appreciate it.



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