No Goats In Class

Naisimoi separated from her husband years ago and moved from Melenda on the other side of Ngorongoro Crater settling at Olbalbal. She brought a small herd of goats and a few cows with her That have now grown into a substantial herd. She attached herself to a man here and his sons did the herding for them both. Now Naisimoi had three sons, all of whom are attending the local primary school and two daughters, now married. She and her partner had a falling out a couple of years ago and suddenly there was no one to pasture her goats and cows. For some reason, she chose not to look for others to herd her collection of animals. Naisimoi decided to let the animals go free during the day and to gather them back into the cattle crawl every evening. Since Olbalbal village and primary school are nearby, her unorthodox approach to animal husbandry has raised the ire of the school teachers who object to her goats making the school grounds and classrooms their daytime home. This week the situation has reached crisis proportions. The school authorities have threatened to do serious damage to her animals next time they invade the halls of learning. What will happen next is uncertain.

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