No “1st World” Care at Olbalbal

At the boma of Olekiteyek, a young woman tried to give birth to twins for a couple of days. She was being helped by Maasai midwives. Finally on day three, due to their expertise, she did give birth, but both infants were dead and she had lost much blood. Then a car was found to take her to the hospital in Karatu where she died shortly after arriving there.

It is frustrating to experience the results of being so far from competent medical care. Here at Olbalbal we are an hour and forty five minutes from Ngorongoro on the top of the mountain where there is a bedded dispensary with nurses and a doctor’s assistant. The nearest hospitals would be at Endulen and Karatu, each an hour further. So, to reach a hospital from Olbalbal, a sick person is bounced over very bad roads for two hours and forty five minutes. It is no wonder that not all make it to a hospital for treatment.

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