New Car On The Way To Olbalbal


The new car will look like this one

KINDERMISSIONSWERK “Sternsinger”, Stephanstraße 35, D-52064 Aachen

Father Brendan Smyth CSSp

Centre Spiritain Européen pour la

Coopération et le Développement

Rue de Mérode 78



Project No.: D 11 0154 057

Title:Purchase of a Vehicle for Olbalbal Mission, Archdiocese of Arusha / Tanzania


Dear Father Brendan,

The Toyoto Landcruiser for Olbalbal left Nagoya Japan on the 8th of June. Exepected arrival in Dar is the 10th of July.



Stefanie FrelsProject department

4 thoughts on “New Car On The Way To Olbalbal”

  1. Yes Martha, having a dependable vehicle will make a real difference. Another plus will be the size of the car. There are events from time to time in the diocese and area that I would like to attend with a group from Olbalbal and the new car will hold about 13 people. Usually, once a vehicle has arrived at the port of Dar es Salaam, it takes a couple of months to process it. I am hoping all the red tape will not take too long. I am also posting this reply to FB since you cannot read long ones on the site. Ned

  2. Hey Ned, congrats on the news of the delivery date of your new truck.

    By the way, I finally fixed your comments issue. You can leave long comments no problem. I basically did away with the old way of leaving comments and went back to the original. Sorry for the delay in addressing this issue.

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