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My New Mission – Olbalbal, Tanzania

In January of 2012, I will start the new Maasai mission of Olbalbal. I will be undertaking much the same programs that I worked with in Endulen, primary evangelization and the education of Maasai young people. As in Endulen, I will focus on Maasai girls who, because of the pressure to be married early and thus provide their families with some short-term benefits, have little opportunity for education.

My new mission is at a place called Olbalbal. Olbalbal is about two hours from Endulen. Whereas Endulen lies on in the highlands of Ngorongoro at six thousand feet, Olbalbal is on the plains below Ngorongoro crater near Oldupai Gorge and the Serengeti plains. There are numerous Maasai encampments that have not yet had the opportunity to hear the gospel and great numbers of young Maasai without opportunity for education.

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