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My Background

I completed 25 years at Endulen Maasai mission at the end of 2010. Two Tanzanian Spiritans have taken over the work at Endulen. Archbishop Lebulu and my Spiritan Congregation have assigned me to a new mission, Olbalbal, where our work of evangelization has scarcely begun and where the young Maasai have had little encouragement and opportunity for education.

In the course of my 25 years at Endulen, I had over two thousand Maasai baptisms with the establishment of six active Christian communities. The work grew and, when I left Endulen last month, twelve full time catechists were helping me care for these communities and doing further evangelization.

In addition to evangelization, on my arrival at Endulen in 1985, I was faced with the near lack of education among the Maasai. There were few Maasai attending primary school and very few boys going on for secondary education. In those days no girls at all had the opportunity for secondary education. I addressed this situation by establishing a prep school of one year to help Maasai girls with remedial schooling in English and Arithmetic so that they would be capable of passing secondary school entrance examinations. Over the years, with the help of Spiritans abroad and others, I was able to underwrite the education of almost three hundred Maasai girls and boys. Some of the fruits of this program are five nurses, four clinical medical officers, five lawyers, many teachers, and many other others now working in various fields among their people in Maasai country.

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