Moved In!!

Just moved into my place at Olbalbal. Twenty seven Maasai elders, warriors and women welcomed me with tea, helped me move my stuff in, scrubbed the two rooms, and sat with me most of the afternoon. They also found a mosquito net for me and helped me put it up. We are in the midst of the rains here and there is plenty of water around so mosquitoes. They also cleared lots of rocks from around the house so that I can park close to the door. They are so friendly and welcoming that it is embarrassing. I am determined to live up to the warmth of their greeting.

6 thoughts on “Moved In!!”

  1. Your new home sounds wonderful. What a special welcome they gave to you. I can’t wait to see some pictures of you home and your new neighbors. Thursday I’m off to Syracuse to see Mom and Susan. Ruthy will also be joining us.

    Art :-)

  2. Art, thanks for the best wishes on moving into the place here at Olbalbal. Hope you find Aunt Meg and Susan well. I havent heard about them in a while. Trust the skiing is going well. It must be a great year for it with all the snow.

  3. Yes, the Maasai here have gone out of their way to welcome me. I won’t be able to post pictures for a while because of the slow connection, but I am connected. The cell phoned network here is excellent and am connected to the web through “airtell” phone connection. I love the pictures that you are taking during your Costa Rican trip. The white water rafting must be awesome.

  4. Congratulations on your move!  Wishing you all the best starting your new mission there in Olbalbal.  

    “God is with you in everything you do.”-Genesis 21:22 NIV

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