Moved Away

I went to one of the two places that I have begun to share the gospel. The boma of Olomoton  in the area of Ndemwa is on the plains between Olbalbal and Oldupai Gorge. There is no road or even a track leading to the place. This hasn’t proved an obstacle to getting there since, on my first visit, I marked it on my hand held GPS. The hour and a half drive across the dust blown savanna only becomes difficult when the wind is at your back as it was today. At times the way ahead was totally obscured by the whirling dust clouds made worse by the passing of my car’s tires.

On reaching the cattle camp, I was met by a boy about 13 years old, a girl a couple of years younger and another boy of about 6 years. They told me that the adults with the cattle had moved a few days ago, leaving only themselves and a warrior to care for the sheep and goats. It has become so dry that the cattle were now at risk, and the older people had driven the cattle herd many hours into the hills to find forage and build a new boma. I am regularly amazed to see Maasai young people shouldering immense responsibilities in precarious situations.  Here they are, by themselves for weeks on the plains many hours walk from grownups and any kind of help. They care for their village’s herd of sheep and goats, having no idea that they are doing something very unique and special.

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