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Mission Requirements

Requirements for the new mission:

1) I am presently waiting for a positive response to my funding proposal for a car, a Toyota Hard Top Land Cruiser that will cost $38,000. This car will be used for carrying water that is five miles from the mission, picking up Maasai girls at their far flung cattle camps and taking them to school, home for vacation time etc., and for the once in two months trip to Arusha town (5 hours away) for shopping.

2) Two solar panels, batteries, wiring and lights. This will provide electricity for basic lighting and the use of a lap top computer. It will cost $3,500 dollars.

3) School fees and other expenses for 15 Maasai secondary school
girls. These girls would not otherwise be able to continue their education because their parents are refusing or unable to provide funds for their education. This will cost about $5,000 a semester or $10,000 a year.

4) Four 2,000 liter tanks metal gutters for catching water from the roof. The tanks and guttering will about $2,300.

5) A bed, table and chair for the new mission costing about $200.

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My 56-Year African Mission