May 5, 1971

Dear Mom and Dad,

The flying doctor is here from Moshi and brought our mail. I thought I would sit right down and get a few notes off. Sending and receiving mail is going to be much more difficult here in Kijungu than it was in Loliondo. There is no mail service of any kind here in this small town. Hondeni is where I post my letters and it is seventy miles away and a little difficult to get to, at least right now with the rains. The flying doctor is very erratic in his visits, so I’ll try to take advantage of him when he does come in.

Vince and I have no cook here so I’m beginning to learn a few things. So far, I’ve limited myself to stew, but as I get the hang of it I’ll expand my repertoire. In Loliondo I was cooking a lot but it was all African type food, since I was living with Africans at Soit Sambu. Now I will have to learn American type food.

The kite is still flying – the kids love it. I put the blue one away.

The doctor is finished with his clinic and about to take off, so I’ll seal this letter up and give it to him.



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