May 20, 1996

Dear Mom and Dad,

…The day before yesterday, I went to Moshi to pick up the bike. It is 250cc and blue in color . . . the country we passed on the way to Moshi was very beautiful. We traveled through what are called the Sanya plains, located between Mount Meru and Mount Moshi – saw Zebra and Wildebeast. The trip back was very slow, for the first five hundred miles I’m able to go only 30 miles an hour on the bike. I’m being very careful about this, since I’m told the breaking in period is critical and will determine the level of performance later on.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at one of the outstations. Many people were surprised to see the bike come right up to the bomas. With the bike, there’s no trouble going along the bush paths. It’s going to make the work much less tiring and allow me to cover a much larger area.



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