May 17, 1975

Dear Mom,

…. Arrived here in Ethiopia on Wednesday and of course am staying with our men here in Addis. At least here in the city, it’s very different from the Africa that I have known up to now. This I’m told is because the people who are most in evidence are what are called the Amhara people, more a cultural situation that a tribe really. The culture comes from the North and people tell me that it is very heavily affected by the Arab culture. Here the various tribes which have adopted this culture are in control of both the government and the economy.

There are three men here as I mentioned in my last letter. Ed Kelly, whom I will replace and two Dutchman. Vince Stegman will also be coming, although there is no certainty as to how soon this will be, perhaps toward the end of the year and maybe even sooner.

Eff and I leave for the South tomorrow so that I get an opportunity to see the people with whom we will be working; they are, it seems, very much like the Maasai in life style. I hope so, because I’m homesick for Maasailand already. How long we will be down there I can’t say. Also, I don’t know when I will be arriving in the States. I would think it will be early June. Don’t change any of your plans because of my coming. So will be seeing you before too long.



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