Help for Weak Students

Twice a year, We provide a “catch up” program for the weakest students in our local primary school. Many of the Maasai kids arrive at 5th or 6th grade unable to read Swahili or do simple addition and subtraction. During the end year break and mid-year vacation, we put on a four week remedial program made possible by Dorota and her fellow workers at an insurance company in Poland. This program has been going on now for two years and has been very successful in giving Maasai students a leg up in their studies. Many students formerly unable to read a simple sentence in Swahili now read with ease and are doing simple math. In preparation for each program, the teachers at the primary school here at Olbalbal give us the names of the weakest 60 or 70 kids. We contact the parents inviting them to send their children each day for the program that begins at eight in the morning and finishes at two in the afternoon. At the eleven o’clock break each day there is a meal of corn flour porridge. Here is a video of the session that took place a few weeks ago during June and early July. The video in in Polish due to it having been produced for people in Poland who provided funds for the program. The woman in the video is Dorota who traveled from Poland to be present at our June remedial program. Dorota produced the video to do fund raising so that the twice yearly program can continue.

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