March 29, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

…The rains continue. The post came by a very round about route. It had gotten to a tourist hotel about a hundred miles to the West of us out on the Serengeti. Then because the people here in Loliondo are running short of food and the Government school may have to close until after the rains because of the food problem, a Government truck with four wheel drive made the trip. It brought the mail, much of it over two months old. It also brought a few bags of corn flour to hold the people and the kids in the school for a while. As you can see, we are pretty well cut off.

I just got back yesterday after two weeks in the bush. My base was a small clinic of ours about twenty five miles from here. There, I have a gas bottle burner for cooking and a cot. I didn’t bother with the car. These days a car is more of a burden than a help. We were lucky in that we got in essential food supplies and those of our schools before the rains started.



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