March 23, 1974

Dear Mom,

….. This is just a quick note. A car has come through with some government people who are here to do something in regard to the Range Association. So a chance to get this letter off.

That was yesterday and I didn’t get the letter done in time to send. The Bishop has been here the last couple of days and has brought down a land rover for us. He was just here a day and a half. He intended to stay longer, but Dinny has been sick again and the Bishop left this morning to take him to Arusha for blood tests. He has had one sickness after another since he has been here. Perhaps this time they’ll find out what’s really wrong.

Your goat is still here and with a minor set back due to the dry season is doing fine. We are down to one of the last layers of meat in the freezer, so soon your cow will be only a memory. It was a good one.

It has begun to dry up again, but we had a little rain yesterday, which will hold us again for a little while. This is a very bad year.

I will be going to Arusha on the fourteenth of April – haven’t been there in seven months ….



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