March 15, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I have been cut off from Loliondo a number of times when out on safari. This is unusual at this time of year because the big rains are only supposed to begin now in the middle of March. We are told on the radio that we’ve been experiencing a freak conveyance of winds. If this is so the big rains may cut us off completely until the middle of June.

I have started to do a bit of teaching with slides. Dr. Wasinger brought back a Dutch set consisting of about 250 individual slides depicting many of the stories from the Old and New Testaments. We have a projector that takes power from the battery in the land rover or the Toyota. Many times at night, it’s difficult to get the people together for an ordinary lesson using pictures. The women milk the cows and feed the children sometimes until eight or nine pm. The slides have an appeal, encouraging them to hurry their work along.

We have had a measles epidemic in one section about 30 miles out from Loliondo. About fifteen children have died. The difficulty is that the parents have the Maasai herb doctors treat them first and if that doesn’t work they bring them to our clinic. In many cases they are too late in getting to us.



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