March 13, 1974

Dear Mom,

…. After the four days of rain, we haven’t had any since, so it may dry up again. It will be especially hard for the Maasai since they have already moved from their normal grazing lands twice in the past five months. They are all back once again, hoping that the normal big rains will come this month as expected.

Finally got the VW Kambi out to an Indian mechanic at Korogwe, the place where the dirt road meets the hard surface road. It will cost $3,000 to fix it so we expect to get rid of it. At the same time the Bishop as a new land rover on order for us. This should be coming in the next few weeks.

Your cow is still holding out and should last another couple of weeks. Without the kerosene freezer, we would eat much poorer. I planted cucumbers and although they take an amazing amount of water, they are worth it. We have them everyday. I also planted some muskmelon seeds a doctor from Dodoma gave me – the plants seem really healthy. We’ll see if the fruit comes…



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