March 10, 1970

Dear Mom and Dad,

The rains are now in full swing; they started three days ago and have been going strong ever since. Because the small rains of Nov., Dec., and Jan. were good and fairly steady, water is plentiful and the grass is thick and long all over the Loliondo division. After ten months of drought, Loliondo is again what all the tourist agencies say about East Africa and more. Gazelle of every description, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and wild pig are everywhere. Even less common animals like bushbuck and waterbuck are common these days. With so many animals around, the predators are much more in evidence too. The Maasai are in great shape. A great many of the cows have calved so milk have become very plentiful. The new circumcision age group for boys is being prepared.



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