Malambo or Bust

After four years spent with me here at Olbalbal Fr. Arkado left to open a new mission at Malambo some four hours drive to the North. It took a number of days to get there because of heavy rains and washed out roads. Finally, yesterday, he and Fr. Julieto arrived in time to have Sunday mass with the people.

Arkado and Julieto had to turn back from this swollen river near Oldoinyo Lengai.
Frs. Arkado and Julieto

Fr. Arkado writes:

After five days on the road. Finally today the Good Shepherd Sunday Fr. Julieto and I arrived at Malambo. Before the final blessing at Mass we asked two children, two youths, and two adults to put their hands on our heads and bless us while we knelt in front of the people.

A Maasai Christian lady blesses Arkado.

I was inspired by Pope Francis… . As Pope Francis said priests should take on the “smell of sheep”… . When he was elected, the pope asked the people to bless him… . We are sent to them to be a family and we need the blessing of the people who welcome us… .

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