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Maasai Worship

Spreading the Gospel among the Maasai and building up the young Maasai Christian Church.

The Maasai worship one God. Their sacred ceremonies revolve around their need for rain and the fruitfulness of their herds, flocks and families. Also, the ceremonies of the Maasai are centered around big moments in their lives, the naming of a child, marriage, coming of age, become and elder and the like. They pray often, morning and evening, at milking time. There are prayers whenever elders, families, age groups and neighbors meet for discussion.

We don’t bring God to the Maasai. They have always following and worshiped the one God. Rather we offer them the good news that the God they always worshiped has a Son in Jesus Christ. We offer them the teaching of Jesus that we all are sons and daughters of a loving Father. We bring them the teaching of Jesus that we are brothers and sisters to each other. In short, we teach the truth that Jesus taught us about God and about man. God is our Father and we, of every color, tribe and nation are his children.

Some choose to accept our teaching and become followers of Jesus. Not all, by any means, decide to become Christian. For those who do, we work at receiving them into a church that is respectful of their language, music and customs. We model our ceremonies on their way of praying and use many of their religious symbols in the Christian liturgy. We work at celebrating the life and teachings of Jesus through signs, symbols and traditional sacraments of the Maasai.

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