Maasai Girl Graduates University

Narropil Lememakua graduated from Tumaini University in Iringa Tanzania. Narropil has been with me since her very early years coming to the mission so that she could attend school. She started in kindergarten through seven years of primary school, four years of high school, two years of junior college, three years of clinical officer medical training and now three more years of psychology, qualifying her as a counselor and therepist. She now begins her career as a Clinical Doctor and Aids counselor at Salian hospital near Arusha. During her first eight or ten years with me she was under constant threat of being “sold off” in marriage so that her family could reap the short term benefits of the “bride price.” Narropil stuck it out and resisted all efforts to short-circuit her education. Her graduation from university was a very proud day for Narropil and for me. She  has now begun to help her younger brothers and sisters as they pursue their education in primary and high school.

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  1. A very big congratulations to her and her family and you. There is some saying which I can’t remember but it goes something like when you educate a woman you can change the world because she will educate her family, her children, etc, etc. Trickle down theory. She will have an effect on many, many people!!

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