June 17, 1972

Dear Mom,

It looks as if it will be more difficult to get letters out and in. The Tanzanian operation of the flying doctor service out of Kenya has for all practical purposes ceased to exist. In the past three months the plane has been in here once. I don’t know whether the difficulty is financial or personnel, but whatever the cause, Kijungu no longer has the benefit of a real doctor.

I did receive the five dollars and the package with the pants. Thanks, I really appreciate it. I am taking care of the Masses for Dad and of course any Mass for which I have no intention is offered for him. I will continue to do this, but I doubt whether he is very much in need of them.

The rains are finished now and everything is beginning to dry up. With the dry season come the lions and leopards. The wild game is much harder to hunt now and they will be looking for the Maasai herds. A large male lion stayed outside the Maasai village which is about 200 yards from the house all night, the night before last. In returning from the village at dusk, we saw him some way off and had to make a wide circle to avoid getting near him.



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