June 15, 1974

Dear Mom,

….. Dinny Rouane went home on leave in May so for the time being I am by myself but far from lonely as you know from your days here in Kijungo. I painted the place again recently, so for the time being it really sparkles.

The female goat for which I traded yours has given birth to another female so your herd is getting bigger all the time. We may have to start charging you herding fees.

Two boxes came. The shoes are perfect and the socks are just what I needed. I seem to go through them quickly. I am already wearing the coat every day – we are in cold season and as you know, it can be quite cool.

The VW camper has been sold. We took a loss, just couldn’t keep it running. I have a land rover now – used but in good condition and it is dependable for the long safaris.

I’m sure I wrote that the check came ($25) and the box with the jacket, etc.

Thanks again for the jacket….



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