July 20, 1969

Dear Mom and Dad,

There was a meeting of the diocese in Arusha two weeks ago. When I was in, I saw the bishop about getting rid of the land rover and using a bike. He said that I could give it a try, so having left the land rover there, I brought back a new Puch 250cc bike back with me. It’s the same kind I had in Bourka and it had worked out very well. I’ve only had it two weeks today, but so far it seems adequate for all my needs. Petrol now stands at six shillings a gallon, which would be eighty-five cents US money. It was getting so I had to weigh very carefully the importance of a trip before deciding to go. The land rover only got about twelve miles to the gallon. With the bike I can get on anytime, even if it’s just for a ride and not worry about the cost.



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