January 8, 1967

Dear Mom and Dad,

Fr. Simon was changed to another mission and the new man coming in wasn’t familiar at all with area. I’ve been kept pretty busy trying to handle all the problems of our seven schools. Ending the school term and beginning the new one were especially difficult because I still have a language problem and don’t know the ins and outs of the school system very well. The English system is followed here and the beginning of the new school term is in January. I think I’m beginning to get the hang of things now.

The bike had to be sold about three weeks ago. It just couldn’t take the rough roads. It literally began to fall apart, leaking oil from five places. After repeatedly taking it to the shop, it was discovered to be defective from the beginning. This besides the fact that it just couldn’t take the punishment of the roads here. It only lasted 8,000 miles. We traded it in for an Austrian machine, Puch. It is 250cc and of much heavier construction. The bishop made up the difference of the trade-in.



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