This week two scorpions invaded my home, two that I saw and stamped on. Who knows how many more are creeping around that I didn’t see. One, I found lurking in the shower and grabbing a heavy book, I smashed him flat. It could have been a her; I did no close inspection and wouldn’t know what to look for anyway. The second was yesterday evening and showed up about three feet from my bed. I was just about to turn in and almost stepped on the thing. Again, a heavy book did the job. These events have gotten me a bit jittery. I’m certain that it is only a matter of time before one of these things gets me. The Maasai tell me not to worry, that they find them regularly in their house and even on their beds. They nonchalantly tell me that a sting from an “enkulupa” is not fatal: it only hurts terribly for hours…small comfort.

2 thoughts on “Invaded”

  1. Oh my gosh Ned. . . Be careful!!!
    There are 1000+ known species of scorpions and out of those only 25 are deadly to humans . . . does that make you feel any better . . . . probably not!!

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