Future Maasai Doctor

Lenkangu completed his junior year (Form 3) at Arusha Modern Secondary School just a week ago. He is now home in Endulen visiting his family. In January, he will begin his senior year. Lankangu has done well in science subjects and hope to study medicine and eventually work as doctor in Maasai country. Doctors that are genuinely sympathetic to the local people are few in Maasailand.  Most doctors prefer to work in towns where life is easier.

One thought on “Future Maasai Doctor”

  1. Congratulations Lenkangu and keep up the great work!

    Have a safe trip back to Olbalbal Ned. Your work is inspiring and the Maasai are lucky to have someone like you… 37 years and counting!

    I had a lot of fun working on this website with you. It will be great to follow your progress more closely because you can now post blog entries/newsletters, tweet, post Facebook fan page updates, upload images, video and audio, reply to comments, etc, etc. The only thing that remains is to do live video screencasting but we’ll have to wait until your bandwidth increases in the bush.

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